Acilian Bayvicari

Admiral of the Salamon Fleet. Gentleman of Fortune. Agent of the Watchers.


ACILIAN BAYVICARI. Admiral of the Salamon Fleet & Agent of the Watchers Rogue20. Favoured Soul4

HP: 101 AC: 27
Initiative + 9
Base Attack Bonus (+18 +13 +8 +3)
Pistola’s: +26 +21 +16 +11 +6 (1d6 + 2d4 +2/1d6 + 1d6 +2 Shock 18-20×2)
Cutlass’: +26 +21 +16 +11 +6 (1d4 + 2d4 +4/1d4 + 1d6 +4 Flame 18-20×2)
(Sneak Attack + 10d6)
Strength 14 + 2
Dexterity 20 + 5
Constitution 10 + 0
Intelligence 14 + 2
Wisdom 14 + 2
Charisma 20 + 5

Fortitude + 10 + 13
Reflex + 16 + 24
Will + 10 + 15

Acrobatics + 12 + 17
Bluff + 10 + 15
Diplomacy + 12 + 17
Disable Device + 16 + 21
Disguise + 8 + 13
Escape Artist + 8 + 15
Intimidate + 18 + 24
Knowledge (Dungeoneering) + 10 + 12
Knowledge (Geography) + 10 + 12
Knowledge (Nature) + 10 + 12
Knowledge (The Planes) + 10 + 12
Profession (Sailor) + 12 + 14
Linguistics + 10 + 12
Sense Motive + 8 + 10
Sleight of Hand + 12 + 17
Spellcraft + 10 + 12
Stealth + 18 + 30
Swim + 10 + 12
Use Magic Device + 12 + 17

Feats & Abilities:
Sneak Attack + 10d6
Weapon Focus (Cutlass/Shortsword)
Weapon Focus (Pistol)
Bleeding Attack
Finesse Rogue
Surprise Attack
Two Weapon Fighting
Point Blank Shot
Defensive Roll
Improved Evasion
Improved Two Weapon Fighting
Quick Draw
Precise Shot
Rapid Reload
Improved Initiative
Leader Ship
Master Strike
Vital Strike
Trapsense + 6
Favoured Soul Spells
Halfling Racial Abilities:
Slow Speed
Halfling Luck
Keen Senses
Sure Footed

Favoured Soul Spells:

0-Create Water, Detect Magic, Light, Purify Food & Drink, Stabilize, Resistance
1-Bless, Cure Light Wounds, Obscuring Mist, Protection, Divine Favour
2-Cure Moderate Wounds, Lesser Restoration, Zone of Truth, Enthrall

Tireano. Draconic. Goblin. Ealdine. Infernal. Celestial. Undercommon. Dwarven. Auran. Abyssal. Elven.

Admirals Tricorn of Disguise Self
Sailors Overcoat of Resistance + 2
Boots of Spiderclimb
Shadowed Studded Leather + 3
+ 2 Psycokinetic Shortsword (Cutlass)
+ 2 Adamantine Shortsword of Shock (Cutlass)
+ 2 Holy Revolver
+ 2 Flaming Burst Flintlock
+ 2 Psycokinetic Revolver of Silence
Amulet of Natural Armour + 3
Acilian’s Mystical Map: Acute Scrying to Locate Specific Idividuals & Items
Cloak of Holding: A multi-pocketed cloak of Holding (As bag of holding) Only items Under 15.lbs
(Various Weapons, Bullets, Gunpowder, Bottles of Rum, Shackles, Pistols, Shells, Wands Etc)

Master Fortune
The Commandeered Capitavirate Dreadnought Ship of the Line now known as the Master Fortune Captained by Admiral Acilian Bayvicari is a “100 Gun” Air Elemental Empowered 3-decker Warship
once the pride of the Capitavirate Fleet, it is now the Flag ship of the Salamon Navy. Often used to patrol the waters of the Great Dark Ocean it is the greatest deterrent to raiding pirate vessels and enemy fleets, & also to congregate the Agents of the Watchers.

Captain STORMHOOF: Minotaur 1st Mate & Quartermaster. CG Rogue 7 Psychic Warrior 10 Cohort
Lieutenant Deveraux Sailgaunt: Aquatic Halfelf 2nd Mate & Helmsman. NG Ranger 10
Lieutenant SQUALL: Large Air Elemental & Sailing Master
Lieutenant Xephillion Seviss: Human Navigator Rogue 4 Wizard 12
3 Level 8 Ships Officers
6 Level 7 Iron Fist Knights
60 Level One Sailors Rogues/Fighters
20 Cabin Boys
Chade Myrktongue: Goblin Rogue 4 Psion 6 Admiral’s Assistant.


Originating from Eáldîm, Acilian Bayvacari was once the terror of the seas from Rosaia to Alaris to Yelnihas and Tir. Scourge of shipping lanes and master of evasion he was caught many times but was never kept in a brig or prison for long. A master seaman like most Halflings in Orithia, he has a keen eye for the sea and naval battles, a fact not often realised by his crew as his overly aggressive tactics often mean he gets through ships and crew faster than outfits.

When he lost his last ship back in 2526 he signed up for the Iron Fist mercenaries who were hired to secure the region of Tor Acarne so that the Capitavirate could colonize it. Here, he met the other founding members of the Gentlemen of Fortune and went on to explore the new region of Darkfell, discovering Menephene and Salamonis in their travels.

During adventures with ‘The Gents’, Acilian managed to overcome his evil desires and escaped the grip of a Demon lord’s mind control with the help of Chiquotl Silverdrake and Rufus Stormgarde and is now a ‘reformed villain’ however the dark stain of evil is permanently scarred onto his face in the form of a twisting spiral of black ink around his right eye which Acilian pretends is a tattoo. In reality the ink spreads and grows with every evil act he commits and shrinks when he acts out of altruism. Therefore he keeps it hidden under a wide brimmed hat, long hair or a bandanna whenever he is in the company of ‘The Gents’.

More recently he ‘acquired’ a new ship in the form of a Capitavirate ship-of-the-line known as “Master Fortune” and recruited a new crew from the city of Port Blacksand. He and ‘The Gents’ helped to free Salamonis from the grip of the Capitavirate and the extra-planar Inevitables. Acilian is now under the employment of the Government of Salamon as (self titled) Admiral of the ‘Fleet’ which means he leads his commandeered ship along with a few of the more ‘legitimate’ pirate crews of Port Blacksand in the defence of Salamon’s coastline as privateers and safe hold for Agents of the Watchers.

Chade Myrktongue watched with his rare luminous green eyes and ever-present unimpressed and somewhat bored expression set upon his goblinoid features and risked a glance at the sheepishly gathering crew as Master Acilian stomped his worn Halfling boots across the mid-deck, fired one of his famous gilt pistola’s randomly across the harbour and Chade made a note to again appease the harbour-master. The agreement was that he’d receive a gold crown every time the rather unhinged self-proclaimed Admiral took a “warning shot” at the seagulls.
It was a choppy yet sunny day and Chade took a moment to enjoy the breeze before the frightening visage of the deranged halfling entered his vision and spat across the railing, still wildly spinning a loaded pistol between his deft fingers.
“What say ye guttersnipe?” demanded Acilian.
“Just as you say sir” Responded the goblin manservant in his unnatural monotonous drawl fiddling with one of the brass buttons on his tux.
“Aye, that’s what the blasted pixie-cursed harbour-man said n’all!” Which Chade sincerely doubted as the Harbour-master was a roughneck half-orc named Sarrik who became confounded by words that contained more than 2 vowels…
And was most likely more concerned about the missing cannons from the pier and the recently constructed noble-mans yacht which was also missing a substantial amount of Blackseal Rum and Gunpowder.
The crew shifted uncomfortably under the Admiral’s stare as he again continued ranting about various mostly irrelevant issues such as Kraken breeding, the remaining Capitavirate raiders and where his “lucky” spyglass had disappeared and on which subject was apparently rudely interrupted by the quartermaster ‘Stormhoof’ a surprisingly intelligent black-furred minotaur and expert with two handed weapons favouring the large iron-shod barbed mast which he held one handed at his side as he respectfully accepted Acilian’s irritated kick to the shin.
”As I was saying el’Captain… the spyglass you mentioned has no lenses and the Knight-generals orders were to hunt the Capitavirate no farther than the blind straits”
Said Stormhoof making a point of staring straight ahead as the small Admiral attempted to glare seething, up at the beast-man.
”Oh aye mate! I be pleased that one of ye rabble paid heed to that blathering old Nancy-boy!” With this Acilian turned on his heel and marched back and forth before the massed sailors and stopped a moment to flick gull shite from the ships mantle and cast a weary eye skywards muttering something about feathered devil spawn and drew his well crafted but notched cutlass causing a brief synchronized wince among the men, including Stormhoof.
”Now as I understand it… Arrgh we be getting a tad complacent aboard my magnifique vessel and is fancying a voyage of more, vehement varied vision… Aye?!” To this most of the crew glanced around more confused than intrigued apart from Stormhoof and the beautiful Deveraux who doubled up as cartographer and healer, who all gave strained wide eyed looks of worry at their leader and his new idea.
Chade simply sighed and made a note to include a new charter and provisions to his list of duties upon shore leave.
“Something to add Guttersnipe” Growled the Admiral.
“There’s a storm coming sir” said Chade flatly.
“What de ye know of it ye yellow-bellied stone-sniffing green- Oh aye it be raining! Fetch me damned raincoat! As ye say master Hoof! We be avin’ two days a-shore and then we’re departing the port quick as a whore on suns’day… or be it thars’day?
Ye can make ye own minds up o’course, if ye most splendid o’captains be needed I’ll be in t’libra- librabar”-
“Library Admiral?” extended Chade
“I’ll be in the damn pub ye snivelling swine! Recruiting the new bunch o’cabin boys! Spoilin’ me joke ye scaly bastard! And remember lads! Ye don’t find fair breezes or”-
“-Fortune in a tarts petticoat, ye find it under a shining star over the roar of the great blue, aye sir” Chimed in the crew in practiced synchronization, which always seemed to confuddle Acilian as if it was the first time he had said it, he took another glimpse at the massing clouds and holstered his pistol and cutlass.
“Aye… well… learning are we not, ye cowardly bunch of banshee farts! Now get off me damn boat!”

Acilian Bayvicari

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