Eoc Vetriano

Half-orc Psychic Warrior/Psionic Blackguard. Nails. Theme Tune: Slayer South of Heaven Banging!


EOC VETRIANO (KONDARIAN) Player Character & ToBeUsed NPC * *Level 10 Psychic Warrior 6 Psionic Blackguard 4 * (Note that the Psychic Warrior Class Features are slightly modified to fit into a pathfinder/3.5 based Campaign)

Half-orc. Neutral Evil. Height: 6’8 Weight: 312.lbs

HP:101 *AC: Initiative + 2 Base Attack Bonus +10/+5 Powerpoints (30)

Attacks: +1 Flaming Dao (+16/+11 1D10 + 2D4 + 8) +1 Adamantine Greatsword (+16/+11 2D6 + 8)

Strength 20+5 Dexterity 14+2 Constitution 18+3 Intelligence 12+1 Wisdom 16+3 Charisma 12+1

Fortitude +9 +14 Reflex +3 +7 Will +3 +8

Skills: Acrobatics + 6 + 8 Stealth + 6 + 8 Perception + 6 + 10 Autohypnosis + 8 +10 Diplomacy + 4 + 5 Intimidate + 4 + 5 Knowledge (Local) + 2 + 3 Knowledge (Psionics) + 6 + 7 Knowledge (Arcana) + 4 + 5 Knowledge (The Planes) + 6 + 7 Use Psionic Device + 4 + 6 Sense Motive + 2 + 5

Feats & Abilities Orc Ferocity Darkvision 60ft Power Attack Cleave Psionic Weapon (Psionic) Up the Walls (Psionic) Expanded Knowledge (Mind Thrust)(Psionic) Psionic Meditation (Psionic) Psionic Body (Psionic) Powerful Charge (House Ruled Eberron Feat) Expanded Knowlege (Energy Burst) (Psionic) Cause Fear 1/Day Aura Of Evil Detect Good Poison Use Dark Blessing Smite Good 1/day Command Abberations (Charm) Aura of Despair Sneak Attack +1/d6 Phrenic Servant (Fingers the fiend) (Phrenic Harpoon Spider)

Powers: * Expansion Chameleon Mind Thrust Force Screen Body Adjustment Psionic Lion’s Charge Dissolving Weapon Energy Burst Vampiric Blade

Items List: * Vest Of Resistance + 2 Amulet of Natural Armour + 2 Ring of Protection + 1 +2 Ankheg Breastplate +1 Adamantine Greatsword +1 Psychokinetic Black Crystal Battle Axe Mask Of Fear Shadowed Outfit +1 Flaming Dao


The blackguard epitomizes evil. He is nothing short of a mortal fiend. The quintessential black knight, this villain carries a reputation of the foulest sort that is very well deserved. A typical Blackguard represents a character who consorts with fiends and undead and serves dark deities. Often, they are fallen priests or Paladins who have thrown in their lot with the forces of evil. The Psionic Blackguard is a different beast. Their powers stem not through worship of arcane sigils or the practice of dark magic. Their powers are that of the mind. Their evil wells up from within them and their dominion is not over demons or devils or rotting corpses, but over the unfathomable psyches of the aberrations. Tentacled things are the Psionic Blackguard’s allies and he is able to exert a supernatural influence over them. The Psionic Blackguard can represent a dark warrior, smiting goodly creatures who stand in his way with might both physical and mental or he could be a sneak such as a Lurk or a psionic Rogue who backstabs his foes from the shadows. Even pure Psions can be drawn to this class as they pursue the secrets of the Far Realm. To become a Psionic Blackguard, a character must have a basic understanding of psionic powers and be a proficient swordsman. Then his desire to do harm must be harnessed by an existing Psionic Blackguard or a servant of the Far Realm. This teaching often involves performing ancient psionic rituals which invite the alien madness into the mind of the candidate and allow the evil to take root.

When the rituals are complete, the new Psionic Blackguard is ready to bring tyranny and despair to the world.

SHORT STORY: The process in which Eoc is fully introduced to a being of the far realm within his mind and given the powers of a Psionic Blackguard

(During stedding induced coma at the Druid Grove) Hope you enjoy it! :) It’s pretty dark!

Another light goes out… thought Eoc standing over the bloodied and torn corpse of another enemy, a long twisted grin making his face seem a mask of malice and ruinous intent. The warriors comrades stood frightened and skittish holding their weapons with little intent to employ them after witnessing the small massacre of twelve of their kin, now laying dismembered and broken in the dust.

Eoc raised his sword and beckoned the rest of the combatants into action, one came at him quick and low with a short spear while another two, axe’s raised slashed and hacked at the huge Half-orc with seasoned experience… to no avail, deflecting the short spear with a twist of his blade and evading the hewing weapons by leaping and clearing the whole skirmish, his blade weaving a pattern of blood as it carved through the back of the spearman’s neck and through the upper arm of one of the axe-men and into a roll placing himself between the lone and surprised remaining axe-man and his last companion who retreated a step and looked nervously around for an escape holding his long-sword with trembling hands.

The axe-man rushed the recovering Eoc with his shoulder to calf shield and the swordsman ducked in quick with a wicked flourish, only to be skewered on the Half-orcs Greatsword as he planted his feet on the oncoming shield and horizontally spun himself just over the swordsman’s blade and flicking a heavy booted foot at the wrist of the axeman disarming him, dropping back to his feet Eoc spun wrenching his blade from the swordsman’s torso and beheaded the bewildered and scared axeman, nudging the headless and twitching corpse to the ground as he now surveyed his environment, stopping a moment to crush the throat of the downed one armed axe man with his boot.

He knew this place. He had many nightmares about it, a desolate world of blood and dust and rock, under a blackened unforgiving sky. This was his wasteland, his cracked and scorched earth, dry and emaciated like the husk of a long dead god. He had made it his home, inside his own mind and spirit, Eoc blinked and suddenly wavered over the edge of a precipice, below writhed unspeakable things, beings of the far realm, imaginations and horrors from the deepest dark of a broken mind.

A great vileness kept summoning Eoc to this place, sometimes to murder to savage and destroy, sometimes to be tortured and mutilated until finally a writhing empty creature lay where the powerful and ambitious half orc once towered. Sometimes, all he could see was the faces of the lost dead, the hopeless dead the angered souls of all the innocents that he had taken. But Eoc did not fear this world or its devices; it was simply a hunting ground, a desolate weeping dimension that shifted away from his every step with trepidation.

From below the earth shook and quaked and the mass of swirling strangling tentacles entwined together and brought aloft a presence…

A bitter, omniscient and curious being, reaching into his thoughts and feeling into his very being, pouring itself through him, he could feel it searching his core, the presence had scoured his mind and spirit before, but Eoc had never felt it this intensely. Suddenly the being erupted from his body through his mouth and eyes and his every pore flowing into a substantial humanoid shape shimmering before him like a thousand black flies.

It spoke to him with a rasping slithering voice, echoing all around him reverberating through his bones and flesh “There you are my champion”. Eoc barely flinched as the beings voice pounded in his eardrums. “Now I have found you, there is no going back… You have sought power my little slayer… and I am Power!”

Eoc suddenly deafened and his ears bleeding stood overlooking a vast sea of ghostly waves, hanging by his feet constricted by no visible restraints revolving slowly in place was a spectral image of a Capitavirate knight, bleeding from many wounds and sobbing, tears slowly sliding down his quivering chin from tightly shut eyes. Eoc willed himself into the air and upon closer inspection realized that the knight should have died from his grievous wounds, a long twisting lesion opened his chest vertically and a deep gash between his shoulder blades displayed the pale bone beneath.

Eoc reached out and grasped the knight’s blood-caked and mated hair, his eyes suddenly opened blood shot and strained with pain, his eyes widened with fear and his screams resounded hoarse and severe until his voice died away into nothing, he squirmed and writhed at Eoc’s touch, his face a mask of unadulterated unashamed terror. A small iniquitous smile drew across Eoc’s face his eyes never leaving the knights as he reached out with his will and crushed the warrior’s heart and mind, drawing out his life force, savouring every sensation and whisper of anguish until the knights eyes sat dead and empty in their sockets.

Eoc could suddenly feel the dark presence all around him and steeled himself as the beings voice pummelled his senses once again; “You are indeed merciless and obdurate my little fiend… but there is a price for your power”… Eoc abruptly felt a yielding, feather-soft touch upon his hand, drawing him around to face a young woman, beautiful and pale, contrasting against the unsympathetic and desolate world in which they stood, but she was not just a pretty being, Eoc could feel the benevolence emanating from her, her pure soul and kind heart made him reel with a sickness he never before felt. She was understanding and compassionate and selfless, she was love…

The gentle sensation of her light supple fingers suddenly burned Eoc with a heat and pain that no fire could match and he twisted and attempted to retreat from her dreadful touch but found himself bound, helpless against her will. She reached swiftly up and cupped his cheek with another tender hand and the flesh under her palm boiled and warped and his mind recoiled and began to break from the pain.

Her lips met his and his visage visibly shook from the boundless torment, and drawing in every degree of his minds aptitude lashed out at the maiden, her skin became aflame in a moment and her mouth widened in an inaudible wail of pain, his power soared through her like a wave of hate and adamant brutality shattering her bones and scoring the hair from her head and the features from her skin until all that was left was a pair of blackened spots in the flame where her striking eyes once dwelled.

“Love must die my little Daemon… you will visit the greatest of cruelty and malice upon your enemies, you will leave them in desolace and decadence that will know no bound… You are my champion and you will serve…” Eoc felt the being again enter his mind and body and filled him with such vigour and power that it caused him to waver and drop to one knee…

“I will serve…”

Eoc Vetriano

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