Halvar Cor'marak

Master of the Heron Guard. Redesigned to fit into Pathfinder Campaign Setting (My Oldest Character)


Halvar Cor’Marak Master of the Heron Guard Last of the Asha’man

Ranger 6 Psychic Warrior 8 Sorcerer 20 *

HP* 260 AC29

Initiative + 6

Power Points (30)

Base Attack Bonus +24+19+14+9

CMD + 30

CMB + 29

Attacks: Gellendar +31+26+21+16+11 (1d8+1d6+2d4[+2d6 vs.Evil]+7 18-20×2)

Strength 18(+4) Dexterity 14(+2) Constitution 20(+5) Intelligence 18(+4) Wisdom *18(+3) *Charisma 20(+5)

Fortitude +25 Reflex +18 Will +26

Skills Acrobatics + 16 + 18 Stealth + 18 + 25 Perception + 20 + 24 Autohypnosis + 16 + 21 Diplomacy + 14 + 19 Intimidate + 12 + 17 Knowledge (Arcana) + 20 + 24 Knowledge (Psionics) + 15 + 19 Knowledge (History) + 15 + 19 Knowledge (The Planes) + 10 + 15 Knowledge (Nature) + 10 + 15 Knowledge (Dungeoneering) + 10 + 15 Spellcraft + 22 + 26 Psicraft + 14 + 18 Survival + 12 +15 Swim + 8 + 12 Use Magic Device + 12 + 17 Concentration + 22 + 27

Feats & Abilities 1st Favoured Enemy (Abberations). Powerful Charge. Track. Wild Empathy. Combat Style (Two Weapon Fighting). Improved Initiative. 1st Favoured Terrain (Desert & Wasteland). Endurance. Power Attack. Combat Style (Improved Two Weapon Fighting). Up The Walls (Psionic). Psionic Meditate (Psionic). Psionic Weapon (Psionic). Speed of Thought (Psionic). Expanded Knowledge (Mind Thrust) (Psionic). Psionic Body (Psionic). A Touch Of Destiny. Cleave. Die Hard. Great Cleave. Leadership. Weapon Focus (Longsword). Epic Will [EPIC]. Maximize Spell (Metamagic). Quicken Spell (Metamagic). [Destined] Extended Life [EPIC].


Psionic Powers: Chameleon. Force Screen. Prescience, Offensive. Expansion. Body Adjustment. Dissolving Weapon. Psionic Lions Charge. Psionic Scent. Dimension Slide. Vampiric Blade. Weapon of Energy.

Spells: Zero- Detect Magic. Read Magic. Dancing Lights. Light. Arcane Mark. Message. Prestidigitation.

One- Ray of Enfeeblement. Disguise Self. Identify. True Strike. Endure Elements. Mage Armour. Comprehend Languages. Magic Missile. Feather Fall.

Two- Fog Cloud. Protection from Arrows. See Invisibility. Touch Of Idiocy. Scortching Ray. Invisibility.

Three- Phantom Steed. Fireball. Lightning Bolt. Fly. Magic Weapon (Greater). Daylight.

Four- Stoneskin. Dimension Door. Scrying. Fire Shield.

Five- Dismissal. Teleport. Cone of Cold. Telekenisis.

Six- Dispel Magic (Greater). Shadow Walk. Chain Lightning.

Seven- Plane Shift. Teleport (Greater). Form of the Dragon 2.

Eight- Sunburst. Polar Ray. Prying Eyes (Greater)

Nine- Gate. Meteor Swarm. Wish.

BLOODLINE Spells: Alarm. Blur. Protection from Energy. Freedom of Movement. Break Enchantment. Mislead. Spell Turning. Moment of Presience. Foresight.

Item List: * +3 Flaming Holy Psycho Kinetic Orc Bane Intelligent Longsword (Gellendar) +2 Holy Dragon Bane Adamantine Greatsword +4 Shadowed Glamered Mithril Breastplate Amulet of Natural Armour + 4 IOUN stone of precogitive defense + 2 Vest of resistance + 3 Ring of sustenance Dorje of Mind Thrust Crystal Mask of Mind Armour Wings Of Bahamut

GELLENDAR* +3 Flaming Holy Psycho Kinetic Orc Bane Intelligent Longsword Intelligence 10 Wisdom 14 Charisma 14 Speech. Sight. Hearing. Powers : Cure Moderate Wounds. Firebolt. 3/Day

*WINGS OF BAHAMUT * This Cloak transforms into a gleaming pair or silver wings 3/Day Granting the wearer the Spell Overland Flight An Hour Per Usage.


Master of the Heron Guard Halvar Cor’Marak [Ranger 6 Psychic Warrior 8 Sorcerer 20]

A mythical and ancient icon, born and raised from the cradle of destiny itself Halvar Cor’marak lord of Dragons Watch and former Master of the Clandestine and Powerful Heron Guard of the White tower of Valonia is a relic of Orithia. Conceived centuries ago to a Lord and Lady of Shienar [Ancient] Halvar matured battling the hordes of the barren Borderlands, before tiring of the constant and sometimes seemingly futile combat and the pressure of being a dutiful Shienaran, seeking out his own destiny unknowing of the trials to come that would make him one of the most pivotal figures in history.

Halvar has outlived his historical fame as one of the shadowy heroes of a story that is now known as the Prophecies of the dragon, in which he and a few now long dead companions endeavoured to aid the dragon reborn, battling the dark forces of the shadowspawn and the infamous forsaken on a journey that spanned across the world of Ancient Orithia. At the end of this journey Halvar found himself fighting an unknown forsaken with powers which the seasoned warrior had never before seen, Halvar was hit by what seemed to be a spell born of a dark ritual, for which many channelers paid with their lives, and awoke almost 3000 years later in the present and perhaps even more dangerous Orithia. Halvar once again rose to power, second only to the Archon of the White Tower himself he was one of the most resourceful and dangerous heroes of Orithia. Master Cor’marak has accomplished many campaigns and adventures all around Orithia, including saving the “dragon people” of the Jungles of Itza from a great war between the forces of the hellish dragon Tiamat and the Celestial deity dragon Bahamut.

Defending the people of Valonia against the Orc horde of Alhane, and most recently during Halvar’s “Retirement” did he aid in forming an alliance between the White Tower and the city of psions Menephene, teaming up with great hero and powerful mage Rufus Stormguarde, to bring the cultists of Kyuss and the Dark One to justice, whilst also preventing their plans to bring the evil deitys into the Material Plane, unfortunately they were unable to save Valonia from the horde of Daemons that tore through into the material plane.

Halvar now trains his psionic and magical knights the Heron Guard at his home known commonly as Dragons Watch which he now defends as the last bastion of hope in Valonia, keeping a watchful eye over the ruins of the dead city. Occasionally Halvar will aid his superior’s and good friends Rufus Stormguarde and Silvanus of Salamon.

Halvar is affected by the slow ageing process of the Ancient Aes Sedai and his lifespan seems to grow as he climbs in power and knowledge due to his great destiny. Halvar appears as a well muscled and battle weathered man standing 6’2 with a wiley and intimidating air about him, his long dark hair is slightly greying at the temples and his face is often unkempt and scarred bearing a pair of bright intelligent green eyes and an expression of mildly hostile curiosity. He wears his Heron Master armour daily which is hardly ceremonial and as always his faithful sentient longsword Gellendar. Halvar has plans to move the Heron Guard and his family away from the ruins of Valonia across the sea to a new safer home, due to his old companions requests for aid in other countries on other continents, constant threat of the dark forces still milling around in Valonia and also the constant interference of the Capitavirate, Halvar has given up hoping for an early retirement.

Halvar unlike most still active adventurers is married and burdened with four children who are also blessed with magical and psionic powers and also have about them a touch of destiny. His wife Shesharii is a half-nymph [Female CN Rogue 2 Ranger 4 Druid 12] from the jungles of Itza, she is the Maiden of Dragons Watch and was one of the founders of the biggest druid groves in Valonia known as the Seven Sisters, before the Fall, the grove partially remains protecting the small fortress from the darkness around it. His eldest son Faaldread [Male CG Psychic Warrior 12 Ranger 6] now a lieutenant of the Heron Guard is a near enough mirror image of his father, the most powerful of his children’ standing 6’1 and strikingly good looking with heavy lidded green eyes a shaven head and a hardened appearance seemingly constantly aware of his surroundings; Faaldread is the commander of a small incursion team that operates around the world at the request of his father.

The twins Toldwyn [Male NG Ranger 4 Sorcerer 10] and daughter Erefain [Female CN Rogue 2 Ranger 4 Psion 8] are often seen together walking in the streets of Salamonis. Erefain is the personification of wild beauty like her mother with long ebony hair and large golden eyes and an athletic figure, she has always been a rogue within the family secretive and rebellious often travelling with the wrong crowd, however never straying far from her twin brother whom she cares for dearly. Erefain is the most intelligent of the three, constantly seeking out knowledge and adventure Erefain often leads expeditions into the unknown regions of Orithia collecting artefacts and tomes, she someday wishes to be accepted as a lecturer into the Salamonis Tower of History.

Toldwyn is a gaunt and darker edition of his father with long bedraggled hair and a pair of large black eyes, lean and wiry he is the most charismatic of the Cor’marak children, brave and foolhardy Toldwyn is an initiate of the Heron Guard and a diplomat of Salamonis. The youngest of the Cor’marak children is Dashel Cor’marak [Male CG Psychic Warrior 3] inheriting his parents good looks, his mothers charm and fathers strength he is a powerful but confused young man, jealous of his brothers and sisters tales of glory and heroism Dash has after training with his father decided to enlist into the Salamonis based freelancers the Iron Fists as a scout.

Halvar Cor'marak

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